Taking Jesus Seriously

The Anabaptist network in the UK is raising interesting questions we are dealing with today as Christians. Below is a sample of their resources which could be found at their sight: http://www.anabaptistnetwork.com/An Anabaptist Network study course

In Jesus Christ God has provided the ultimate and definitive revelation (Heb. 1:1-2). Therefore Jesus is the focal point, the centre, the one through whom we can most clearly understand God’s character and purposes.

This does not mean that what God said previously is no longer relevant, nor that God no longer speaks to us in various ways – but it does mean that everything we think God may be saying to us is tested against the ultimate revelation of God in Jesus Christ.

This means that followers of Jesus are committed to a Jesus-centred approach to life, to work, to church, to moral decisions, to priorities, to worship, to finance, to the Bible, to leadership – to everything.

Doesn’t this sound rather obvious? Aren’t all Christians Jesus-centred? What else might be at the centre? What factors might push Jesus away from the centre?


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