Back in East Africa A reflection III

Ephesians 2:10-(We are saved by grace through faith unto good works). God created us in Christ Jesus for good works and because God is the creator, as God’s people saved by God’s grace, we are co-creators with God and we are charged with a mission both to remind the world of its creator and to embody the creator’s vision and dreams for the creation. The creator has a plan for the creation even though it does not look like that at times given our daily experiences. But each person is unique and was designed by the creator to do good works that the creator designed him or her to do. There are many things that you as an individual can do but you have to discern the things that God designed only you to do.

I am sorry that it took me so long to resume posting on my blog. We were gone from Nairobi for a while into the villages of Musoma Tanzania to spend time at the Mennonite theological college and to visit with my parents in Migori Kenya my home village and had no internet access for the entire time. But long story short, we left Nairobi early in the morning for a six hours trip to Migori Kenya my home town. Eastern Mennonite Missions had allowed us to use one of their vehicles since we had a young family and using public transportation would have been very challenging. As we left, I was somehow nervous mainly because I had not driven on those roads and I had to keep left on the road (Kenyan Traffic rules left over from the British) and gear shift with my left hand. Even though I had travelled on those roads by bus since I was a little boy many times to and from Migori to Nairobi this was a new experience all together. As soon as we embarked on the journey, I was immediately pulled over by a police officer who wanted to see my license (the practice is common in Kenya). I immediately showed him my international driver’s license and he waved us on.

We subsequently passed countless of them on the road but none pulled us over again. After about 30 minutes we arrived at the observation point of the Great Rift Valley and since we had a private vehicle we pulled over and looked at the breath taking valley as you can see in the pictures. We marveled at God’s wonders as we drove through the Rift-valley. We even saw some giraffes by the road side and pulled over to admired the graceful tall animals hovering over the bushes of the acacia trees. The trip went very smoothly better than I had expected. One difference this time was the road condition which greatly improved. The places that were previously known for deep craters and bellows of dust were smooth and clear a sign that something was taking place. As I reflected on this experience, I was once again reminded of the difference that can be made when humans take seriously their mission and faithfully work at its accomplishment. The disconnect between faith and witness or faith and works to use the traditional categories once again came to surface.

I wondered what difference Christians and the church would make in this world if we were to take our mission seriously and live as if our faith really matters? The ride to Migori generally was uneventful save for some rough parts in Kisii town where the road seemed to have been eroded and big gaping holes left which needed careful navigation of the vehicle. When we arrived in Migori town, my dad was still in town and he did not want to go home before seeing his grandsons. He came and met us at the hotel where we planned to stay at and after some soft drinks and greetings, he left for the village. We spent the night at the Valley-View hotel shown in the picture and things seemed to have gone very well. The next day my mom and dad both arrived at the hotel carrying some corn and peanuts for us. We had breakfast together and proceeded onto Musoma Tanzania to spend a week at Mennonite Theological College of Eastern Africa after which we will go home to Migori and spend time with family. I am still pondering an answer to Jessica’s question, may be it will come some day or could be that it is leaking out through my reflections here. Stay tuned.


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