Being Back in Kenya, A reflection

We arrived in Nairobi on July 6, 2010 at 1pm aboard Ethiopian airline plane. Praise the lord for his protection and a fairly uneventful trip with two toddlers. The boys were great during the flight and I am glad my family and I made it here safely. The visa process for Jessica went smoothly and quickly which was a great relief and top of it all, we got our all our luggage!!! Joseph of “Just Connection” picked us from the airport. Wess and Lois Boyer and bishop Philip Okeyo welcomed us to the guesthouse. The boys immediately located the playground and went to town, they played for sometime and then we began to look for food. Ruth Osiro from the quest house gave us some granola, milk and fruit which saved the evening for us, thanks Ruth. The boys enjoyed the food and we gave them baths (Barak was not very thrilled about the bath). As the evening drew to a close, I quickly realized that we would not be eating dinner as a family at the guest house as previously planned, Izak was a sleep and Jessica was laying down with him when dinner time arrived.

Barak and I went to the guesthouse to pick up our food in “a to go” containers in kenya we call it “take away” while we were waiting for the food to be packaged for us, lo and behold, Barak who would not fall a sleep on the flight after fifteen hours of flight just fell a sleep at the table so I carried him back to the house and laid him down first and then went back and brought the food for Jessica and I. While we were eating, Jessica asked me a question that required some deep reflection, she said “so what is your impression so far being back here?” at first I got somewhat defensive about the question, “what do you mean, I have been here just a few hours.” But she persisted that I share my first impressions. The next post will be my response to her question. Stay tuned


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