-Discipleship made for supper Christians and not the ordinary Christians.
“How many of you can say, in the humble confidence of your heart, that you are true disciples of Jesus” Please raise your hands
-“How many of you can say, in the humble confidence of your heart, that you are convinced that you are a true Christian? Please raise your hand” – what occasions this response?
There are ordinary believers who have slipped into the kingdom through profession of faith in Christ, and then there are those who have died to self in response to Jesus’ call. The difference is commitment
– A close examination of biblical discipleship does not allow for two classes of followers: the ordinary and extraordinary. Our starting point is (Lk. 9:23)

Christian leaders seem to be reluctant to restate the terms of discipleship that Jesus laid out. We are afraid to ask too much, people stop coming to our churches. Our operating assumption is that people will flee to the nearby entertainment church if we ask them to give too much of themselves. So we start to lower the bar and try to entice people by increments of commitment, hopping that we can raise the bar imperceptibly to the ultimate destination of discipleship. Could it be that our unwillingness to set the bar high for our congregations is because we want to let ourselves off the hook? If we call people to a higher level, are we ourselves willing to enter that adventure? “Is the quality of discipleship we are getting not in spite of our leadership but because of it?” discuss this question


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