In a world ordered by violence we grasp for the resurrected Jesus who has all power above & below for our souls’ rest but in a world where our bodies are in control, we strive to embrace the warrior Jesus; the ” The king of kings and the Lord of Lord” who will enable our will to be unbent, our swords sharpened our bombs spectacular and our authority recognized and feared by all. These thoughts emerged as I read Miroslav Volf’s book “Exclusion and Embrace”. We are indeed embodied beings not simply sou less entities. What do we do with Jesus who asked us to “remember him” when we come together at the table? What are we to remember? I would suggest that the call is to remember Jesus’ whole story; past life, teaching,death, resurrection and the promise to return in God’s renewed creation, present; the person and the work of the Holy Spirit as he walks and guides us in discernment of God’s will daily in our lives)and future Living in hope of a renewed creation. May our hearts continue to seek Jesus when we consider issues of injustice, war and the hopelessness that is griping our lives and the world.


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