Ministry perforamnce is a by-product of Formation

“Leadership is a lifelong of lessons. It is not a set of do-it-yourself correspondence courses that can be worked through in a few months or years.”- Robert Clinton

All leaders have a ministry philosophy out of which they operate as they serve in their leadership roles. The ministry philosophy flows out of their experiences with God and the ministry situation. As I continue in my Spiritual growth and ministry experiences, I have developed a deep conviction that ministry performance is a by-product of formation. To focus on performance only is to miss a key role in the journey of discipleship. People minister out of who they are; to ignore their lives is to do a disservice both to them and to the mission of the church. Our lives as leaders bleed into our ministry either directly or indirectly. Hence it is of paramount importance that we reflect on our lives as leaders. This reflection could involve exploration of life experiences in various stages of life such as birth, family, school, church and other formative communities and events.
As leaders go through such a process of reflection and personal exploration, they discover their own giftedness, call to service, and commitment to God’s mission which becomes a lifelong learning processes that deepen their:
• Self-awareness
• Strengthen their spirituality
• Facilitate discernment of their call to service
• Examine their identity as servant leaders
• Explore the spiritual nature of their authority as a leaders in the ministry
• Sharpen their creative thinking, strategic planning, and operational leadership skill


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