I was scheduled to preach on Sunday April 5th. We were continuing our “staying Connected” Series and to it was to be added palm Sunday theme and end with communion. It seemed like an enormous task and I labored over just how to do all in less than 45 minutes. On Friday I sensed that I needed to write out my sermon just in case some else had to preach it. This was because we were expecting and my wife Jessica’s due date was April 10 but we knew that the baby was due any time within two weeks. I asked pastor Lew Good to be my back up and he graciously accepted. I sent my written sermon with all the enormity of the task a head praying that God would help pastor Lew in that task. On Saturday evening, our two year and three months old son Barak was on an imaginary phone call with a lady from our church. While he conversed on his play phone, he said, ” Anna Mae, guess who is coming tonight? baby Izak.” Jessica and I looked at him and laughed but by 7pm, the contractions began. BY 10pm, I called the midwife but she encouraged us to wait it at home as long as possible. BY 11pm, I was getting nervous. I know my wife’s pain endurance and by 1am, I simply called the birthing center and informed them that we were on our way. When we got to the center it took only 40 minutes before Izak was born. We celebrated his birth and the fact that we were able to do a water birth which was my wife’s dream. Baby Izak arrived at 2:35am. He weighed 8lbs and he was 21” MOm and baby were released from the birthing center after one and half hours. Marie and Robert Tailor joined us at midnight and accompanied us to the birthing center and played with Barak as Jessica and I waited and labored as Izak was being born. Praise God all is well.



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