2Corinthians (10:3-5)
THE KEY: Take every thought prisoner and make it obey Christ (v.5)- this is the weapon we ought to use to fight ideas, thoughts, world-views, temptations, etc that set themselves against the will Christ our Lord. In the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ God had defeated these hostile powers and influences(Col. 2:2-15).

Faith in Jesus offers a radically different worldview from the prevailing ones we live with. Jesus Christ is not simply one among many religious and philosophical figures of our day, he is Lord of all and all other powers are subject to him. We need to daily practice exercising this authority as we battle the forces of darkness in our minds and thought patterns.

Jesus has the power to convert anything to serve the purpose of God. Consider Paul who was a zealous Jew whose zeal was to destroy the church of Jesus Christ and was confronted and converted by Jesus and was used to advance the mission of the church way beyond the borders of Israel all the way to Rome. So do warfare daily by practicing this truth that the scriptures offers to us in order to live victoriously. TAKE EVERY THOUGHT CAPTIVE AND SUBJECT IT TO THE AUTHORITY OF JESUS!


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