Texts: Isa. 61:1-4, 8-11

The word ‘advent’ comes from Latin word Adventus which means “coming.” When we know something is coming we wait for it. What is it that we are waiting for as Christians? Historically we have always focused on the birth of Jesus which is the occasion of our Christmas celebrations.

However, I would like to suggest this morning that to only focus on the birth of Christ event is to get only one half of the story. Yes, Jesus was born and we correctly sing that “unto us a son is given” in our carols. But the story does not end there, the child who was born, also grew up, taught and eventually was put to death and was raised from the dead on the third day according to the Scriptures and promised to come a second time to put things to rights.

Therefore, the other part of that story is that the risen Lord will come again. In light of this story, our waiting commemorates and celebrates both the birth of Christ and its impact on our lives as well looking forward to the future to his coming again to redeem and restore all things and our role in the meantime is to get to work like the people described in Isaiah 61 text above.

This is not simply a season to get gifts, it is also a season to recognize the good news in our own lives and extend that good news to others who desperately need it. Our world is broken and is in deep suffering, may this season remind us of our role as Christians to embody God’s kingdom in this broken world.


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