Forgiveness does not mean forcing others or even demanding that they respond positively to you; it is rather you deciding on your posture towards them. It is a choice although not always an easy one to make. I should mention also that being honest with your feelings and knowing your emotional limits are vital for spiritual maturity as well as healthy relationships. Be wise and seek counsel when needed as you embark on the journey of forgiveness. Don’t travel that road alone if you need companionship from a mature Christian guide under guidance and assistance of the Holy Spirit.

Some Simple steps towards Forgiveness:

· Make a list of all those who have offended you, including all that you have negative feelings toward

· Face the hurt and the hate

· Decide that you will bear the burden of their hurt and not hold it against them in the future

· Take it to the cross of Jesus Christ

· Choose to forgive and free the person and yourself for this is God’s plan (Col.1:13, 14; 3:13



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