My Take on Politics

During this election season when tensions are high and people are becoming more increasingly ideological and even impulsive on their positions and political affiliations, I believe that pastors as scriptural as well as cultural interpreters can becoming voices of direction and counsel. My personal counsel is that as we weigh our support for various candidates, we ought not to focus only on one single issue but rather consider a candidate’s policies entirely and make a decision based on your sense of the policies that seem to be in line with your understanding of the overall message of Jesus as agent of God’s redemption in the world. The church is not the kingdom of God but I believe that it ought to be the closest representation of it after all Jesus gave the church a mandate to go into the whole world and make disciples of all peoples (Matt. 28:18-20). Therefore rather than being ideological,I urge you to examine the policies which on a larger scheme of things embody the redemptive plan of God as you make your choice this November and don’t forget to be civil and decent.


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