Being light and salt during the heated campaign

The church is on a mission and we are missionaries. This mission is not only limited to oversees assignments, it also means being missionaries in our own families, our neighborhoods, community and yes even our nation. As we approach this election season,as Christians may we remember our call to be the salt and the light of the world (Matt. 5:13-14). It is in that Spirit that we ought to be engaged in the political process in ways that will shade light to the world as well as be preservative in decency and courtesy. This is especially crucial when it comes to how we treat people who hold different political view points from us. May we engage one another and those outside of our Christian community with respect, courtesy and love even when their political affiliations are different from our own. I believe that in doing so; we will be a great example for people and represent Christ unfavorables in the midst of a charged political atmosphere. Let’s go out as missionaries for we are charged with the responsibility to be light and salt to the world.


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